About Fisheye

Fisheye is a commercial photography studio established to craft distinctive digital photography.


Tell your story through results-driven photography by Eastern Iowa’s most experienced commercial photographers. Based in Hiawatha, Iowa, fisheye has created award-winning images for clients promoting healthcare, heavy machinery, education, fast food and more.

Each photographer is equally at home photographing people, places and things in the studio and on location. Fisheye’s portfolio work includes people, products, food, architecture, aviation, aerial, panoramic landscape and corporate work for annual reports, brochures, catalogs, books, websites and many other applications.


Mike Fager

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Photographer of Architecture • Industrial • Products • People

Spurred on by his father who built a home darkroom, Mike began learning the photography craft when he was 11. He later received his degree in photography from a technical college. Mike has made a career of photographing architecture and landscapes as well as his passion — cars, factories and all things mechanical. He was among the first photographers to adopt digital imaging in 1998, which he utilizes with great skill in photographing architecture, panoramas, products and people.

“I’ve yet to shed a tear over the decline of film. The advantages of digital photography have renewed and inspired my love for architectural and product photography.”

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John C. Thomas

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Photographer of Food • Industrial • Products • People

While on a family vacation at age 14, John had a once-in-a-lifetime experience assisting Julius Shulman, a Life Magazine architectural photographer, with a photo shoot of a resort. From the first click of the shutter, John knew he had found his calling. He grew to love aviation, a fascination he was able to pair with photography throughout his career. John is just as comfortable shooting a portrait for an annual report as he is taking photos in the wilderness, from the air or in fisheye’s kitchen studio.

“I consider it a privilege to be called upon to help some of the best marketing communications professionals to produce positive results through my images.”

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